Ni-hao,🤸🏻‍♀️ I'm Shaowen Liang. I live in New York City and am committed to Graphic and UI/UX design. Matcha ice cream is my favorite culinary pleasure. 🍵🍦


2024 | Typeface, Book Design

8.5 × 11 in | inkjet | 48 pages

* Font generator (for desktop use) (↘)

* Letters bouncing animation (for desktop view) (↘)

Typeland, meaning the playland for typography, is a self-initiated project that explores the possibilities between conventional and unconventional typography design. In this project, I aimed to create typefaces in a playful and relaxed manner, rediscovering a mindset that initially ignited my passion for design.

This exploration involved experimenting with multiple methods: balancing Seal script—an ancient Chinese writing style—and Roman font, generating fonts using p5.js, utilizing finger as the medium, and drawing inspiration from life during the project.

Sizzle & Spice

2023 | Brand Identity

Sizzle & Spice is an artisanal brand of Asian chili oils and sauces that are handcrafted in Brooklyn, New York using vegan ingredients.

The company produces small-batch chili oils using natural ingredients from local markets and specialty food shops in NYC. It has gained a following with Asian-Americans longing for an authentic chili kick and those seeking accessibly priced.

Board Game Night

2023 | Poster Design

8.5 × 8,5 in | inkjet

Board Game Night is a monthly event for art students at The City College of New York aimed at relieving academic stress and facilitating friendship. To promote the event through a lighthearted mood, I utilized a carnival-inspired theme with a vibrant, saturated color palette to create an upbeat, cheerful vibe in the posters.

Japanese Language Culture Club

2023 | Brand Identity

The Japanese Language Culture Club is a student organization at The City College of New York dedicated to celebrating and promoting awareness of Japanese culture across campus.

The club aims to provide an inclusive space for both Japanese students and other students interested in Japan to connect over their passion for the language and culture.

Sumup Reading

2022 | UI/UX Design

During my research into issues with reading comprehension and retention, I discovered that lengthy readings often pose a significant challenge for many people. They alike struggle to read long-form writing in a timely manner. This can hinder study productivity.

My project introduces an app called "Sumup", designed to assist individuals with quickly digesting information from long-form readings. By expediating the process of sifting through lengthy, Sumup allows quicker access to overarching ideas.

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